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Betsy Sholl, author of Rough Cradle, writes: “Lisha Adela García’s splendid debut full-length collection of poems, Blood Rivers, follows the legacy of blood-spilled, spared, reviled, holy, singled-out, intermingled, and sustaining. These are poems of cultural border crossings and personal boundary breaches as seen from the female perspective…” read more

Lana Hechtman Ayers, author of Dance From Inside My Bones and publisher, states: Lisha Adela Garciaʼs poems in Blood Rivers are deeply rooted in land and language, in heartbreak, paradox and celebration. Like a prophet of old, she asks what “remains of your belly of mercy?…” read more

Richard Jackson, poet of Resonance, writes: Lisha Adela García asks “how do we know the stars/within us are not dark/ wings from a dead moon,” in Blood Rivers, Poems of Texture from the Border, a superb first book that wrestles with this question in a series of poems that balance on the borders, the margins of geography, history, culture and psychology…”read more

Here I am in a poetic mind set!
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Sample Poem:

Via Sacra
How do we know the stars
within us are not dark
wings from a dead moon,
ravens on white
catching ghosts that give a
Stardust specks that hide
inside our casings,
blood rivers we carry
where wind cannot touch
the goodness and darkness
measured by our angels,
zig zags of thunder never
spoken out loud.

- Lisha García

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